Dill Pickle Food Co-op – Chicago, IL

It isn't long after you start participating in the local food system that you are first introduced to co-ops, often the epicenter of a region's food culture. Having grown up in Nebraska when I first heard the term "co-op" I immediately thought back to the grain co-ops like the one pictured in my hometown -... Continue Reading →


Michigan Meat Network

Yeah, that's a thing. As I was driving north to Grand Rapids last week for a Michigan Meat Network Meeting, I had thoughts about the purpose of groups like the Meat Network. Why do so many producers, processors, and others take time out of their busy schedule to attend these meetings? With margins so small... Continue Reading →

You were driving how long?!?!?

We will get to that in a bit... Almost every Friday for the past 6 months I have been driving to Chicago and delivering to our many and varied wholesale accounts. While we are still looking for a regular delivery driver I really enjoy the opportunity to directly connect with so many of our partners... Continue Reading →

Going Whole Hog on the 4th of July!

Having grown up near Nebraska's 4th of July city - Seward, NE, and coming from a family that was an active participant in Norfolk, NE and their BIG, BANG, BOOM Celebration - the 4th day of July has always held a particular place in my heart. So when Farm Nick mentioned that he was planning... Continue Reading →

Kismet Bakery – Douglas, MI

One of the benefits of working with a family farm is that family is such an important part of farm life. Normally the only time my kids get to ride along with me is Saturday mornings headed to the Green City Market. I am amazed every week when I wake them up at 3:30 AM... Continue Reading →

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