Would you believe this was the Best. Market. Ever!?

TFueling up!he day started out like many do – fueling up before I headed out. Don’t you always need to make a cup of coffee while you wait for your coffee? Lately I’ve been brewing some beans roasted by a friend from Chicago who put a coffee roaster in his basement. Life Goals!

Once I had my Stanley full I kissed Kristan good-bye and headed out the door for another day of meatmongering. The plans for the day were to visit two new connections before heading to a pop-up farmers market at the Purple Porch Coop in South Bend, IN.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I love the Coops we work with! The level of dedication shown by both the employees at the Coops and their members is always inspiring. If you aren’t a member of a local Coop, I strongly suggest looking into it.

20170531_123813After loading up ED {Evil Doctor Porkchop} I hit the road for my first stop in Granger, IN. Chef Sean Kelley at Temper Grille is one of our newest connections. A tapas restaurant with a flair for original creations, Temper Grille is a local favorite and I look forward to working together.

Next was a meeting with Andy, who is purchasing The Pub in Mishawaka with his brother and plans to update the place with local food and good beer. Always a good combination.

Finally I was able to head to the Purple Porch and the Best. Market. Ever!


The Purple Porch Coop has been a Jake’s connection for a number of years. Prior to opening their current location, Jake’s participated in the Coop’s weekly farmers market and I thought what better time to visit the market again than the kick-off for their 2017 season! This week South Bend was celebrating the Best. Week. Ever! which inspired the Best. Market. Ever! (I told everyone it was because I was there….)


The market was full of local vendors, musicians, beer from Goshen Brewery, and pizza from Hearth Market. It was a good time to connect with many fans of Jake’s and also great to introduce many others to Jake’s for the first time. Markets are also a good time to touch base with friends and meet new vendors.

20170531_211722I was thankful for the pizza that Steve at Hearth Market sent me home with and so was my wife!

The Purple Porch is open 7 days per week most from 8-8, with Sunday hours of 11-5 -from their Facebook Page – “Purple Porch Co-op was established in 2009 when a few friends sat on a purple porch and dreamed of making the food system more transparent and fair.

Since then we have evolved from a weekly market to a full service grocery store, cafe and market in downtown South Bend. We opened in February 2013.

Everyone is welcome to come in and check out the bounty of local and organic foods.

And even the prepared foods in Café Max are made completely from scratch using the high-quality local and organic ingredients for sale on the nearby shelves.

Come in for breakfast, lunch, or dinner ; pick up prepared foods for sharing at home or at work; drink our wonderful Zen coffee; buy our local and organic/fair trade products, including produce; stock up on bulk foods.

Or come to the Farmers Market on Wednesdays from 4:30 – 7:30 pm and meet the producers. You can order in advance using the link to the right.

Whatever your reasons for seeking a co-op—just looking for good food; concerned about fair treatment of producers, animals, the earth, and workers; preferring organic food for health; passionate for economic and food justice; seeking a community and welcoming space—we have it in our store.”


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