Kismet Bakery – Douglas, MI

One of the benefits of working with a family farm is that family is such an important part of farm life. Normally the only time my kids get to ride along with me is Saturday mornings headed to the Green City Market. I am amazed every week when I wake them up at 3:30 AM how quickly they get out of bed and with such a pleasant attitude. Really. That being said, Lena was happy when I told her we didn’t need to leave that early last week for a day of deliveries and account visits in Southwest Michigan.

Kismet Sign
It was a two mug kinda day!

The first stop of the day was Kismet Farm Bakery in Fennville, MI. A fantastic little bakery that also offers a wide variety of Jake’s for their customers. Customers that come from miles around and line up every weekend for some of the best baked goods in the area. Kismet has been around since 2004, but will soon be opening a cafe in Douglas so you can find their specialties all year long! More details here. 


Next was a quick lunch at one of the newest spots near the lake – Haymarket Taproom in Bridgman, MI. Woodfired pizza and craft beer – always a great combination!


Our next work stop was a quick meeting with Chef Ryan Thornburg at the Round Barn Public House in Baroda, MI. Round Barn recently acquired Tabor Hill and Chef Ryan is looking to add some Jake’s to the Tabor Hill Restaurant. Look for our thick cut pork chops on the menu soon! Chef Ryan has been a long time connection with the farm and we are thankful to work with him again!


Next we headed to Sister Lakes Brewing Company on the beautiful shores of, wait for it, the Sister Lakes… Chef Tami and her team are working hard to find ways to utilize a small low heat kitchen. Many smaller breweries in the area are avoiding the expense of a full ventilation system by keeping their kitchen equipment simple and finding creative ways to still create delicious food.

Finally, after a long day of many miles and more laughs – we may have gone just a bit crazy…. but you will have to watch the video and judge for your selves –




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