Going Whole Hog on the 4th of July!

Having grown up near Nebraska’s 4th of July city – Seward, NE, and coming from a family that was an active participant in Norfolk, NE and their BIG, BANG, BOOM Celebration – the 4th day of July has always held a particular place in my heart. So when Farm Nick mentioned that he was planning to roast a whole hog for this year’s celebration I was eager to learn about the entire process.

It started around 7 AM when I met Nick at the farm, with coffee in hand, ready to begin my education. We quickly positioned the carcass in the roaster and he set everything up to start the low and slow cook.

20170704_161606The party started later that afternoon and included the world’s longest slip’n slide (I might have taken a trip or two…), potato guns (our 15 yr old sons favorite), walks to the pastures(so many piglets), and tasty bites and drinks. Family and friends from around the state gathered to share stories and laughs during the busiest season of the year.

Later that afternoon Nick started getting the glorious result of many hours of cooking ready –

The Berkshire / Duroc cross hogs we raise on the farm work wonderfully for a roast such as this – amazing flavor all throughout – hams, shoulder, belly, and loin – all combined into one mouth watering product! Seriously, it was so good…


As the sun began to set over the west we all prepared for Nick’s (and Sam’s) second act – nothing like farm fireworks! We won’t mention the small fire later that night on the trailer. (no harm, no foul)




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