Eleventh Harvest Cafe – Niles, MI

It all started with a knock on my window in a random parking lot in South Bend, IN. A young lady said she and her business partner were on their way looking for a local meat source for a new restaurant in the area and noticed my truck. Within the week my new friends Santana and Kim had made a trip to the farm and taken a tour; sharing their passion to open a restaurant in the area focused on good food and building community.

While the opening process did take a bit longer than planned – (when don’t they?) – Eleventh Harvest Cafe opened their doors in late July and haven’t looked back yet!


Located between Niles and South Bend, just north of I-80 – Eleventh Harvest will soon become a destination location for dinners looking for local authentic food. With the focus on “Home Grown Good,” visitors can expect a fresh, healthier take on American classics, like the cheeseburger and fries.


Earlier this week I received an email from Kim titled – “help” – business had picked up sooner than expected and they needed their Wednesday delivery on Monday. Luckily I was already headed down that way and I wanted to make sure they didn’t run out so quickly after opening!

During another interview Kim said, “Basically, what we want to do is provide fresh food for our customers through local resources as much as we can.” Check out the full article here.

I’m especially fond of their hot sauce collection….


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