Hog Roast – Purple Porch – Goshen Brew – South Bend, IN

It was during the Best. Market. Ever. that Myles – the now interim GM of the Purple Porch Food Coop in South Bend, IN – asked if I thought we could do a hog roast at the Porch. {You can read a little about the Best. Market. Ever here}

Purple Porch
We were not big fans of the weather….

I said I didn’t see why not, but we would need to find someone to cook the pig. I mean, Jake’s could provide the meat but we needed someone to bring the fire! Honestly, I figured it was a passing thought for Myles – fueled by the energy of the market and his passion for local food. But when he contacted me again a couple weeks later about the same topic I quickly contacted a number of our local chef partners and asked if they were interested in joining us on this adventure.

Literally within minutes of pressing send, Chef Jesse Shoemaker {Goshen Brewing Co} replied with a resounding “YES” and we were off and running! One of my main concerns when first planning the event was securing a roaster. Not everyone, including me, has the ability to cook 250# of meat at one time. Luckily Jesse and his team had just rehabbed a double roaster and were eager to test it out.

After a couple emails back and forth – Myles, Jesse, and myself – found a free afternoon to meet at Goshen Brewing and hammer out the details.

Looks like Chef Shoe was running empty

The details were decided and we were ready to go. I delivered the hog on Tuesday afternoon so Chef Shoe and his team could roast it for almost 24 hours over applewood coals. Seriously, food like this is not an easy task but the result was the best meal in South Bend that night. Using just a simple S/P rub and a traditional Carolina vinegar sauce dressed with hand made coleslaw – SO GOOD!

After a full nights sleep – which the tender of the fire did not enjoy – and a morning of connecting with our partners – I headed down to South Bend to check on the progress and help prepare for the big event! I arrived around 2:00 and was quickly overcome with the amazing aroma rolling from the still hot smoker. Chef honored me with a sneak peak and we quickly got to work preparing the space for the evening’s festivities.

Guests enjoyed a full plate of amazing local food including our pork and a variety of sides prepared by the culinary staff at the Purple Porch. Goshen Brewing Co. was also more than willing to provide a selection of their tasty brews and a local artist entertained us with local music. Hand dipped, locally produced ice cream was the perfect end to the evening. The weather was grim, but spirits were happy as many enjoyed a night to remember.

Join us again at the Purple Porch as we celebrate Oktoberfest on Friday, October 6th – Jake’s Brats, local beer, and polka!



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