Where to eat {#EatLocal} in Warsaw, IN

The number one question I get asked by people once they learn what I do is – “So where do I eat in {insert town or area}?”

Fueling up mid-day at Wire & Steam

Being in an unfamiliar place can be intimidating, especially when you are trying to find a place to eat. Or on the other hand, we all get in our routine. Visiting the same spots, eating the same familiar burgers. But there are those times; be it because of circumstance or inclination, that you want a break from the regular. You want to find a new place. A place where you will make memories. A place where you will celebrate special occasions or just grab a burger before a show, but you know they put pride in every meal they serve. Every community has those places, but sometimes it takes a little effort to find them. Generally you won’t find them in a big box parking lot…

Earlier this month I was able to take a culinary tour of the Warsaw / Lake Winona area in northern Indiana. After enjoying a ton of food and tasty drinks, talking to owners, chefs, and world changers I came away with a renewed respect for the local food system in the area. Here are the 5 spots I visited in the order I visited them –

Creighton’s Crazy Egg –


Just outside of Warsaw, under the watchful eye of decades old grain bins and silos, sits a fantastic breakfast/brunch/lunch place. The Creighton family has been raising chickens for generations and only recently opened a cafe to the community. Partnering with a number of other local farms, such as Jake’s Country Meats, the owners and chefs at Crazy Egg work hard to bring farm fresh fare to the area. During my most recent trip I had the Waffich – bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiched between two waffles. Yes, it is that good. Also pictured is the Avacado Toast.

110 // craft meatery


A truly special place – read more about Chef Jason and his trip from Hot Pockets to freezer beef here – ONE TEN // craft meatery – Warsaw, IN

Cerulean – 

Near the shores of Winona Lake, sister city to Warsaw, sits Cerulean and it’s sister concept Light Rail Cafe. For over a decade Caleb France and his team have been delighting guests with a refreshing take on modern Midwestern cuisine. Highlighting tastes from around the world, but with an eye and connection to the local food system. Caleb was kind enough to sit down for lunch with us, sharing some of his story and  focusing on his continued vision for what the future holds.

Rua – 

Unfortunately we didn’t plan our afternoon very well and by the time we arrived at Rua they were closed for lunch and not yet open for dinner. Which is disappointing because the original purpose of our trip to Warsaw was dining at Rua. Chef/Owner Andrew Jones did stick his head out the door wondering who was knocking. I guess this will be a case of leaving something for next time…

Noa Noa –

Change is often a product of sustained focus and energy, traditionally carried on the shoulders of visionaries. Noa Noa was opened in 2000 and changed the food scene in the Warsaw area. Scott Woods was that visionary, but at first he wasn’t trying to change anything – he just wanted to stay open. Our trip concluded enjoying a cocktail at the bar of Noa Noa with Scott learning about his journey and again focused on the future…. before he showed us his 10 foot hand-built volcano.

{Interestingly 3 of the other chefs we talked to – Jason, Caleb, & Andrew – all worked for Scott. Read more about their relationship and connections here – Edible Michiana – One Tree, Many Branches}

The main takeaway is – try something new, talk to the staff, support those that support the local economy, get out of the big-box parking lot, and celebrate every day! You just might change your community.






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